Isnin, 28 November 2011

I wish u always by my side...


setelah penat da lelah...{ade lelah ke??} xde lelah


setelah penat..dan penat akhirnye siap jgakla blog aq yg beserabai nieyh..

walaupun masih lg beserabai..hahaha...layan jela...


i open your blog today..

you always make me appreciate my life...thank you...

there nothing i can give u to show you how much i thank and love you..

yeeeahhh..i know i cant not be the one who prefect 4 u

but i try...


i always hope that we will always be together no matter what happen..

i know a last couple og month..there a so many things that challenge our patient..

and sometime i think im the one who always cross beam you and "YOUR BESTPREN"..

the way that she talk"aq nk balik miera aq"..make me fell im the one who stole you from

the others...its make me felt guilty..

but you know are everything to me...thats really 4 sure...

maybe i hadnt a perfect live like Her...but..i have a perfect frenz...its YOU


miera...serius,..kaw bukak mata aq

tentang semue bende..

thank you cause always by my side NFABS

u will be always in my heart now and insyaallah FOREVER....

i miss this gilo!!! time nieyh...and the best with you <3 <3 <3
                                                                                                    --->lot of love<----
i <3 u

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