Sabtu, 23 November 2013

sorry bloggerian..

Hey guys,

First of all ..I would like to say sooo sorry

Yeah I know...such a long time biarkan blog nie berabuk and berusang...tgklaa..dengan sawang2nye lagi..hehhe

Im quite busy since ive continued my studied at politeknik
Politeknik..politeknik port dickson
Yeahh..nearby pantai....dekat je..siap ad pantai poli taw...

Well...kalau nk diceritekan how I felt and how im going thru this life as a student...
Especially life as student on dip....

Well what can I tell
Its different like we were in school...
The life
The way u studies
The life style as a student...its to different.

Well at the first..for sure im scared..
What can I say...I must thru all of this..the part of lifekan...go on jela..

Well....theres much I want to say...but...I guest..lets stop here...insha Allah..I will always update time to time...

Ape guna nya cerita panjang leba
Tp gamba x do kan?
Here you are

Well miera...shes got poli muadzam shah while im got poli pD good luck girl
Be brave..I know u it!

Well miera dapat kos pengajian perniagaan s about account probably..while I get science secretarial coss... pray always be with u..thank you for the best day that u spent with me..
I do love u my friend
Im totally gonna miss u!

I cannot tell how much I miss u...but I need u to know...
I really love u my friend. .
So much!!!!

I dont miss school...
But I miss u
I hate memories that has been create at school
But I totally miss our memories in school..

Take care yaaa..
Ill never forget you
May it be the last and forever
Love u my friend

And I know u never read this post....
But I want you to know
My love, pray ,and brave
Always be with you
My friend

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